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Protective Cable Basket Matting

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Protective Cable Basket Matting

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Quick Overview

Basket Matting

Made from flexible closed cell, elastomeric, thermal insulation material, our cable matting can be cut on-site to provide a solution for varying paths to ensure the cables don't become snagged, damaged through uneven floor levels, or caught on any pressure points. It protects them from moisture, including flooding that may come up through the concrete floor - the closed cell construction prevents chemical or moisture penetration from the concrete substance.


Product Characteristics

  • Flexible lightweight closed cell rubber matting

  • Class 'O' fire category

  • Ideal for wire basket trays

  • Other sizes available to order

Product Description

SNO  Description  Test Methods  SPECIFICATION  Results
1 Cellular Structure   Closed Cell Closed Cell
2 Density (KG/M³) ASTM D1667 50-70 50 to 70 kg/m³

Thermal Conductivity




a @Mean Temp.9.36’C ASTM C518:2010 W/(m.K) 0.0328 W/(m.K)
b @ Mean Temp. 24.77°C ASTM C518:2010 W/(m.K) 0.0329 W(m.K)
c @ Mean Temp. 46.39°C ASTM C518:2010 W/(m.K) 0.0358 W(m.K)
d Temperature Limits °C ASTM C518:2010 -40°C to +105°C 98°C
4 Thermal Stability ASTM C534 4.5(7days°F@200 4.1
5 Fire Resistance Class O BS 476 Part 6 Pass
a   Class 1 BS 476 Part 7 Pass
6 Fire and Smoke properties AS/NZS 1530.3-1999 FSI 0-20;SDI 0-10 Pass
7 Water Absorption (% W/W) ASTM C209: 1998 3.85 3.7

Long term water Absorption by total
immersion method(28 days)

BSEN12087:1997   AvgWA(Vol%)=1.0
9 Water Vapor Permeability-Perms ASTM E96

0.1 perms-inch

10 Water Vapor DiffusionFactor(μ-value)

BSEN 12086:1997

≥7000 ≥7392

Smoke & Toxicity (IMO MSC
61(67) 1996

ISO 5659 Passed Passed
12 Weather & UV Resistance ASTM G53-1996 Excellent Excellent
13 Ozone Resistance ASTM D1149:1999

25% elongation

14 Mildew Resistance ASTM G 21-1980 No Fungal Growth No Fungal Growth
15 Antimicrobial Activity ISO22196:2007

No Bacteria

16 Chemical Resistance ASTM C-871 Good Excellent
17 VOC ASTM D5116 <500ug/m2/hr <6ug/m2/hr
18 Flexibility   Excellent Excellent
19 Production Process  

Asbestos, Chlorine,
& Fibre

20 Sound Absorption (200HZ-2500HZ) SAA ASTMC 423 NS 0.41
21 Noise Reduction Coefficient(NRC) ASTMC 423 NS 0.4
22 Sound Absorption Coefficient (α)

ISO354:2003 & 

NS αw=0.4
23 ODP & GWP

Bureu Veritas


Storage Life:
To be stored in dry,clean
rooms @normalRH (50-70%)
with ambient temperature

In House NA NA


Product characteristics

  • Zero water vapor permeability and almost zero water
  • Good FR properties
  • ER22 NBR/PVC Sponge is CFC and HCFC free
  • No emissions of VOC


Additional Information

Special Price No
Resistance to No
Insertion Req No
Product Type No
Solid No
Drainage Holes No
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