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Coru-AR03 Capping Rubber Extrusion

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Coru-AR03 Capping Rubber Extrusion

Item Code: Coru-AR03

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Product Description

Size: 80mm Depth x 40mm Width x 10m long

Weight per m: 2.22kg

Capping Rubber Extrusions are high quality 70° shore EPDM Rubber edge trims used to protect exposed vulnerable edges from damage.  Due to the high EPDM Rubber content, these profiles exhibit excellent resistance to Weather, Ozone and Ageing thus making them an excellent choice for external outside applications where the elements become a factor. A clear example of this is the popularity within the Mining and Quarrying industries, Capping Rubber Extrusions are used as protective buffers to minimise and prevent damage to the vulnerable cloth and deck frames and have been so successful you can find them in quarries all over the world.


Although we offer Capping Rubbers from stock in the UK, if you require a bespoke size please get in contact as we are able to manufacture to order in a wide range of configurations.

Additional Information

Colour Black
Polymer EPDM
Coil Length 10M